• Erin Fedina, Program Supervisor
  • (732) 751-2480 x3813

Supervisor's Message

The Howell Township School District is committed to providing educational opportunities necessary to fulfill each student's potential for personal and academic success. The vision of mathematics education for our students can be taken from the New Jersey Mathematics Standards:

To enable ALL of New Jersey’s children to acquire the mathematical skills, understandings, and attitudes that they will need to be successful in their careers and daily lives.

The philosophy of our program is the belief that mathematics is accessible, meaningful and connected to both previous mathematical learning and the real world. Exposure to mathematics should be rich and grounded in concrete experiences that bridge to the abstract. Our program is embedded in the Standards, and encompasses number sense, measurement, pattern development, data analysis and the mathematical processes.

Our program engages and develops students' imaginations, common sense, and critical thinking skills while meeting individual needs. It provides comprehensive instruction that underlies the appreciation and recognition that the role mathematics plays in the real world.

EnVision Mathematics is the program that has been adopted at the K – 5 levels and it is new for the 2012-2013 school year. This program is a rigorous and challenging program that fosters conceptual development and number sense and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards (2010). EnVision Math integrates important mathematical ideas so that students can see how the ideas build on, or connect with, other ideas, enabling them to develop new understandings and skills. Technology is embedded in the program through, where the textbook, online lessons and teacher assigned activities can be accessed.

At the middle level, our program expands to include PreAlgebra and Algebra. Students are challenged with the necessary concepts and skills needed to succeed in high school and emphasis is placed on problem solving with activities presented with meaningful and real life experiences.


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