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Media Center

Howell Middle School North
Media Center Hours

7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Maureen Klusewicz

Media Center Specialist
Ext 7309

Flower: Daffodil

Birthstone: The Aquamarine

March 2

March 5 - 9

March 8 -14

March 11

March 17

March 18 - 24

March 30


Howell Middle School North is one of three middle schools now serving the township. Built in 1994 the media center services approximately 130 staff members and 850 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Centrally located on the first floor between the East and West houses, the media center is staffed by one full time media specialist. This resource center offers many services to its students, teachers, and parents including a collection of approximately 14,000 volumes, an automated card catalog, internet access, in-house and satellite broadcasting, and more! It serves as a direct link to each classroom which is outfitted with computers, LCD projectors and TV monitors. An automated card catalog, using Destiny software and online subscriptions can be accessed from any computer in the building.


Individual - During any classroom period, a teacher may issue a media center pass. After receiving the pass, students should come directly to the media center. Students should report to the circulation desk drop off their passes and sign in

Teacher / Classroom - Teachers are encouraged to book their classes to use the media center as a group. Requests can be e-mailed or placed on the appointment calendar at the circulation desk. A copy of the research assignment should be forwarded to the media specialist prior to the visit to allow time for preparation. The media center can accommodate two classes each period for research.

NOTE: Special or instructional programs may limit the use of the media center.


Current Services:

  • Borrowing Print / Audio / Video Media
  • Document Copying within Copyright Limitations
  • Document Scanning
  • Macintosh Mobile Computer Lab
  • Dell Mobile Computer Labs
  • Cable Broadcasts
  • Live Broadcasts In-House
  • Bibliographies and Reading Lists
  • Instruction
  • Book Talks
  • Morning Broadcast / Announcements

Destiny Card Catalog:

  • 24/7 access to the multi-language searches (English, French, Spanish).
  • Library Search: Basic, Power, Visual, Copy Categories
    • Basic: Search Keyword, Title, Author, Series
    • Power: Boolean operators used to narrow or broaden search – (and, or, not)
    • Visual: Graphic-based visual search screens for emerging readers, struggling readers and ESL students.
    • Copy Categories: Comprehensive list of all materials based on format: Book, Magazine, DVD etc.
  • Destiny Quest: Visually stimulating, highly graphical interface.
  • Webpath Express: Academically reviewed web sites.
  • Resource Lists: Save a list of resources, and then edit and print the list.
  • Citation help

Eligible Borrowers

  • Any student enrolled at Howell Township Middle School North who holds a valid library card or student ID.
  • Any employee of the Howell Township School District.
  • Any parent with a child enrolled in Howell Township Middle School North who holds a valid library card.

Note: Students are issued a library card in the 6th grade or when they enroll in the school. Students are expected to have this card with them at all times.

Check Out

  • Report to the circulation desk and present your library card.
  • Limit the number of items to 3.
  • Items from the main collection can be borrowed for 2 weeks.
  • Items from the reference collection can be checked out overnight.
  • Items on reserve do not circulate.
  • Materials can be renewed as needed.

Check In

  • Return items from the main collection in two weeks.
  • Return items from the reference collection the next school day.
  • Books may be returned before their due date
  • All books should be returned to the book drop at the circulation desk.

Over dues

  • Reminders will be issued at the end of each marking period.
  • If reminders are ignored, borrowing privileges will be suspended and letters will be sent home asking for the safe return or payment of the materials.

Lost Book

  • Arrangements should be made to pay for a replacement copy.
  • Refunds are made if the borrower should locate the book or the book is returned by a third party.

Reserve Items

  • Reserve items are those designated for use by specific classes for a special assignment.
  • They are placed on carts and marked with the teacher's name.
  • As per instructions from the assigning teacher they may or may not circulate.

Media Center Map: Map of Media Center

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